Water Reducer 420 to plastyfikator zaprojektowany tak, aby był szczególnie skuteczny w przypadku mieszanek o dużej zawartości drobnych piasków i cząstek. Może być stosowany do uzyskania jednorodnego przepływu w mieszankach o wysokiej zawartości drobnych cząstek, bardziej miękkiego przepływu w mieszankach, takich jak GFRC

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Water Reducer 420 is a plasticizer designed to be especially effective with mixes that have a high content of finer sands and particles. It can be used to achieve a homogeneous flow in mixes with high fines, a softer flow in mixes like GFRC, and can soften a mix slightly without imparting too much sag or slump. Water Reducer 420 is often used to temper mixes that have been plasticized with Water Reducer 310 or Water Reducer 205. This combination of water reducers allows the fabricator a wide range of possibilities in responding to environmental conditions.

Dosage Rate: 0.1- 2% of Cement Weight

The ultimate indicator of an overdosage of plasticizer is segregation of the mix. Make test batches prior to production to ensure optimum dosage.

Adding Water Reducers will increase workability of concrete mixes that have a low water to cement ratio. Maintaining a low water to cement ratio is critical for reaching optimal strength in the cured matrix.